This is me

Hi, this is the face behind the camera. And very rarely I get my picture taken. It's true ;)

Ever since I was a young kid painting, drawing and sketching were always present and later in my life Photography filled out that artistic space. 

My Photography Style consists of having absolute attention for capturing real, warm and candid moments. This is what ignites my passion for this art.

Besides this I strive to have fun with my Clients during my shoots. Those that have hired me can give testimony of this. It's all about having fun on your day!

I'm a proud father of two beautiful kids and my Family has always been an important part of who I am. Ever since my children were born they have been (and will continue to be) my main source of inspiration.

I invite you to follow me on Instagram. I'm very active on this Social Network and I constantly show my work and also a bit of my personal life on my Insta-Stories.